Canine Fiction

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This project began in 2008, when I was studying music theory at the university. I studied music at the university, but I was also independently studying animals in the wilderness. It was a double life — by day, I analysed Schoenberg’s piano pieces and taught music theory, but by night, I prowled around city and forest, looking for wild red foxes.

I wanted to somehow combine my music research and my animal research. I began to examine animated movies with fictional dogs, because the movies had dogs and also music. I applied the sophisticated theories that I had learned at the university, and also my experience with real animals, to analyze the animated movies. The results fascinated me, but unfortunately the project was too strange for an academic research project. Therefore, I left the university in 2013 to independently continue my odd research projects.

After I left the university, I began to develop fictional stories based on my research. I still study dog stories, but now I also make new dog stories. While I lived in Buffalo, I made short films, which I presented to the film society Buffalo Movie & Video Makers (BM-VM).

In 2018, I now live in Milwaukee, I’m developing a short animated film about sled dogs, and I still like dog stories. One can read more about my projects on my blog.